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With over 30 years of experience in the service and operation of musical instruments, Varno Musical Instrument Repair provides quality and timely musical instrument repair at a reasonable cost.

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Varno Musical Instrument Repair - Stringed Instrument Repair


  • In-house repairs include bridge replacement, adjustments to the existing bridge, adjustment of tuning pegs, replacement of the tuning pegs, fingerboard repair, nut replacement, saddle replacement that includes the tail hook, sound post replacement, the reset of the existing sound post, endpin replacement, string replacement, installation of string adjusters, clean and polish, on violin, viola, cello and sting bass.


Varno Musical Instrument Repair - Woodwind Instrument Repair


  • Playing Condition
    Includes adjustments and regulation.
  • Complete Checkup
    Includes a complete checkup of the instrument, replacing such key corks, tenon or neck corks, felts and springs as needed, up to 5 pads replaced, and complete adjustment and regulation of multiple keying mechanisms.
  • Repad
    Includes replacement of all pads, and replacement of key corks, tenon or neck corks, felts and springs as needed.  The instrument is fully regulated, adjusted and lubricated, and test played.
  • Mechanical Overhaul
    Includes dismantling, cleaning and sterilizing of the instrument, and buffing the keys and body where applicable.  All pads, key corks, tenon or neck corks and felts are replaced.  Springs are replaced as necessary.  Complete adjustment regulation and lubrication of all multi-keying mechanisms.  Test played and case cleaned.  Instrument is returned to customer in “like new” playing condition and to factory specifications.
  • Additional Repairs (not included above and additional expense)
    Repairing binding keys, frozen screws, post alignment, broken keys, dent removal, tone hole repair, scratch bugging, lacquering, plating or extraordinary repairs, replacement of damaged hinge rods, keys, posts, replace thumb rest, head joint cork, expand/shrink tenon joint, silver polish, etc.


Varno Musical Instrument Repair - Brass Instrument Repair


  • Chemical Clean and Adjust
    Includes checking the entire instrument, adjustment of all valves, supplying new corks, new felts when necessary, and cleaning and lubrication of all valves and slides.  The instrument is chemically cleaned and flushed, and the mouthpiece and case are cleaned and sanitized.  Note:  all valves and slides must be operable, all additional dent work, valve work and soldering is priced separately.
  • Additional Repairs
    Trombone hand slide work, valve work, tuning slide pulled, solder joint, silver polishing and hand detail, dent work, replacement of broken or missing parts, or fitting or replating of valves.


Trumpet valves Varno Musical Instrument RepairInsurance and State environmental regulation prohibit this process in-house, but it is available and subcontracted to the best overhaul facilities in the country.  Although lacquer plating work is subcontracted all other valve and pad work needed is performed, finished and checked for quality control at VMIR

Complete overhaul includes teardown, removal of old lacquer, thorough cleansing, removal of dents, pulling of slides, refitting slides, polishing and lacquering (or plating) brass, new springs, corks and felts, adjusting/replating of valves.  Prices are available upon request.

Estimates are always free. Repairs scheduled by appointment only.


What our clients say

Thank you for doing such excellent work on this trumpet. (The trumpet has a new case to call home since we got it back.)
My grandson was so excited when he took it out of the case this evening.
It did not take long for him to get a mouthpiece in it and to start playing.
Thank you again!

Denise Taylor

Just a word of heartfelt thanks for helping Gretchyn with her clarinet. She literally squealed with happiness knowing that she has “her” instrument for her audition for the all-district orchestra for this area. The confidence she has in using her clarinet puts her at ease for this part of it. The actual pieces she needs to know is up her but the dread of not having her instrument has been eliminated. The direction that you shared for assembly and disassembly is greatly appreciated also the bore oil maintenance. She was most excited the clarinet was fixed and coming home instead of having to wait for it to be sent off and then returned. Again thank you for your outstanding customer service. Even at thirteen, she will remember this. Varno musical instrument repair will be my referral for anyone who asks me.

M. Murphy Fayetteville, NC

I’ve been playing for about an hour and my clarinet plays beautifully.  Thank you so much.  Decades of playing does have its benefits.  I haven’t forgotten that much, Onward Christian Soldiers never sounded as good…

Janie Briggs
In 1964, I bought a new Doc Severinsen Getzen trumpet.  After 53 years, this prized possession needed a thorough cleaning and repairs to make it playable…After investigating various repair shops, I trusted my ole friend the  trumpet to Jim Varno. He has made this vintage Severinsen look and play like new.  I highly recommend the Varno Musical Instrument Repair shop.  And especially to those like me who  have a vintage horn and want to try to play music again.
C Wirt

I have taken my clarinet to other instrument repair places in town, and I’ve never received the professional advice, quick service and great price that I get from Jim Varno at VMIR.  I’ll save my time (and money) from now on, and go straight to Varno Musical Instrument Repairs.  Thanks!

A.B. Trask Leland, NC

Thanks again for helping me out with my trumpet repair. I have never received this amount of support and quick response anywhere else, and I’ve needed several instruments repaired in my day. You provide the best level of support, and I really appreciate you helping me.

G.F. Cameron Leland, NC

Thanks so much for fixing my trumpet so quickly. I would just like to say that Varno Musical Instrument Repairs has provided such amazing customer service it has really blown me away (it is very rare in the music repair business today).

Mrs. E. White Wilmington, NC

I’ve worked closely with Jim for the past 14 years in my role as an educational representative for the New Hanover County schools, Brunswick County schools, Pender County schools and Horry County schools. Jim’s work has always been exemplary. He always gives fair estimates, fair prices, and his wealth of knowledge in the repair field is extraordinary.

M. Evans Wilmington, NC

Thrilled with the customer service and repairs from Jim Varno on my horn.  His expertise with so many instrument repair challenges is impressive.  I highly recommend Varno Musical Instrument Repairs – you won’t find anyone else with his experience in this area.

B. Pindell Wilmington, NC

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